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Employer HSA-eligible plan cost savings

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Everyone knows that HSA-eligible health insurance plans (high deductible health plans) provide employees great financial savings. However, they're also an incredibly valuable cost savings vehicle for your business. This calculator helps illustrate the savings you'll earn by offering and driving adoption of HSA-eligible plans.

Tax Savings Calculator

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HSA-eligible plans usually carry lower premiums than traditional plans. When more employees join these plans, not only does your premium costs go down, but their's does too.

HSA-eligible plans reduce your payroll tax burden. Employee contributions are tax-exempt, so for every employee on an HSA-eligible plan, you save on FICA and unemployment taxes.

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High deductible plans can significantly decrease costs for you and your employees. Check out your results below!

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*The results of this calculator are intended to be illustrative; you should take careful consideration with regard to dynamics and variables that may not be included in the calculation above. This calculator is not intended to provide legal or tax advice; you should seek the assistance of a tax professional regarding state and federal tax regulation(s).